9. Local Characters

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  Richings Park today ...

Richings Park Wildlife

People of Note

Varrick sisters. 1 Somerset Way was initially purchased by a solicitor called Shaw. It was sold to the Varrick sisters who were a music hall act - "Songs at the piano". They were related to the noted Alfred Drayton who was a name appearing in the Ben Travers' farces at the Aldwych Theatre, and he was a regular visitor.

Alfred King. Alfred King had been a music hall act doing animal impersonations before setting up as the Estate Agent in Richings Park.

Princess Victoria of Coppins, Iver. She attended functions at Richings such as the fete in the grounds of the Richings Mansion on Whit Monday 1928 and she was Patroness of the Richings Players.

Katherine More. Painter.

James Pilditch CBE. Grew up in Thorney Lane, author of "Can we stay up and watch the bombs" 1996.

Mrs Brum.

Revd David Brecknell

Memoirs of local residents

Mick Crowther

Kay Eames

Hugh Robinson

Marion Higgs (nee Levey)

Ray Smith

Audrey White

Stuart Rankin

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